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What have I been doing in lockdown . . .


  By Trisha

The plan when we were moving to Scotland was to set up a business in craft. I am now doing this here in Melton Mowbray. Being in lockdown has given me time to ‘play’ and try things out. I have been concentrating on working with glass at the moment.

IMG 5121

This is 5x5cm and used on a greetings card.

IMG 5346

IMG 5347

These two are using the rolled edges of the glass sheets for a piece of abstract which can either be held in a wooden block or attached to a glass night light holder.

IMG 5349

This is 10x10cm and can be added to a nightlight.

IMG 5353

IMG 5354

These two are 2.5x2.5cm miniature pieces for a greetings card.

IMG 5878

I did a number of rainbows for children I know to acknowledge the rainbows they made.

IMG 5898

A 2.5x2.5cm piece used on an Easter card.

IMG 6279

This piece was inspired by the glass screen Derek Hunt made for the Community of the Tree of Life - it took two separate firings.

IMG 6687

I did these as bluebells but Matt thinks they are more like foxgloves.

IMG 6770

This woodland scene was built up over three firings to give the texture.

IMG 6773

IMG 6841

I had fun making little mushroom stakes to add to plant pots or in the garden.

IMG 6842

My latest garden stake is a sheep.

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Love it or hate it, life in lockdown due to Coronavirus looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. But how are you coping with it? Are you finding lots of things to do with your time, or are you struggling?

Here's your chance to let other people in the Team Parish know what the lockdown means to you and what you have been doing to fill your time. Perhaps you are spending more time on your garden, or perhaps you're reading some books. Perhaps you have even tried a lockdown haircut at home!

Whatever you have been doing we would like to know. If you have ever fancied trying to write something, now is the time to give it a go. We want to publish your article on the Team Parish website. It can be any length and it would be nice to include a picture, or pictures, if you can to illustrate what you have been doing. We will also be compiling a booklet, which we hope to publish once life returns to normal again, as a keepsake of what life was like for us all under the pandemic.

All you have to do to take part is email your story and picture(s) to Website Editor Phil Balding at: philloveskaren@yahoo.co.uk and we will publish them on the Team Parish website.
Gbroad9965@ntlworld.com (Guest) 24/05/2020 12:31
They are very good .thumbs up . Do like that type of work . Watch the glass blowers on isle wight at the needles

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