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A poem to lift the spirits

33Evie Moulson

The following poem has been written by 10-year-old Evie Moulson, pictured above, who says she is missing school very much. Evie has five siblings - Emma, Summer, Harry, Noah and Amelia. Grandma Sue Moulson says: "I am so proud of her." 

When my school shut down

I began to show a little frown

My friends liked the closure of school

While I was worried of the new COVID rule

It was scary seeing everything change

Everything coming more and more strange

Confused I had to stay at home

What to do was unknown

I became worried about people

Then I remembered phoning them was legal

I downloaded apps to help me cope

When I saw my friends and family it gave me hope

But the boredom was still there and I had no motivation

All I had was loads of frustration

I did some things that I love like writing and drawing

And I tried to get up and be fresh in the morning

Trying new things like baking

And doing loads of making

I spent more quality time with family and friends

At many rough bends

It’s clearer to me than it was before

The rules are there not to ignore

I want this to be over as I speak for everyone

Everyone should stay positive for their special someone

I will try to stay positive for however long it takes

And long for a vaccine Corona can not break.

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Love it or hate it, life in lockdown due to Coronavirus looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. But how are you coping with it? Are you finding lots of things to do with your time, or are you struggling?

Here's your chance to let other people in the Team Parish know what the lockdown means to you and what you have been doing to fill your time. Perhaps you are spending more time on your garden, or perhaps you're reading some books. Perhaps you have even tried a lockdown haircut at home!

Whatever you have been doing we would like to know. If you have ever fancied trying to write something, now is the time to give it a go. We want to publish your article on the Team Parish website. It can be any length and it would be nice to include a picture, or pictures, if you can to illustrate what you have been doing. We will also be compiling a booklet, which we hope to publish once life returns to normal again, as a keepsake of what life was like for us all under the pandemic.

All you have to do to take part is email your story (or poems) and picture(s) to Website Editor Phil Balding at: philloveskaren@yahoo.co.uk and once we have some we will start to publish them on the Team Parish website.
Dave Kitching (Guest) 06/05/2020 09:16
What an amazing poem Evie - you have a real talent!
Ashleigh Carr (Guest) 17/05/2020 10:55
Well done Evie, your poem is great! We miss you!

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